Rochester Area Parent Program (RAPP)


The group leader was awesome, compassionate, understanding, and very patient. If I could do it over, I would. Thank you for the program.





Earn $$ while you learn in the Rochester Area Parent Program (RAPP). RAPP uses video and parent group discussions to address the topics of greatest interest to parents of young children.

Who may participate?
All parents/guardians of children ages 2- to 8-years-old are welcome. We have provided groups for parents/caregivers at many partner sites including:

  • Action for a Better Community (ABC) Head Start
  • Healthy Moms
  • Ibero American Action League Early Childhood Services (Ibero)
  • Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN)
  • Rochester City School District Department of Early Education (RCSD)
  • Wilson Commencement Park
  • Groups for fathers
  • Groups for court-referred parents

What will be involved?

ezParent Virtual Parenting Program

  • Each registered participant will receive a tablet with approximately 10 weeks of free internet and a parent folder. The tablet has the ezParent program and Zoom apps loaded and ready for participation in the ezParent curriculum and Zoom meetings with a trained facilitator.
  • Participants join four Zoom bi-weekly meetings with a small group of other parents and caregivers of 2-5 year old children
  • Participants will review the online ezParent curriculum at times of their choosing and be prepared to discuss the six modules of material in their Zoom meetings
  • Participants will fill out very brief surveys before and after the program
  • Participants will receive up to $200 for their participation
    • $20 for every parent Zoom session  attended
    • $20 for every module of ezParent curriculum completed on the tablet provided through the RAPP program
  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program

Each parent group is led by a trained RAPP facilitator.

After a school-based ezParent group finished its last meeting the facilitator said, “I think the group went well. The parents expressed their thoughts about the program and the group. They all seemed to enjoy it. They thought the video examples were really helpful. We talked extensively during each group about the techniques described in the modules. Many parents said they were using the techniques effectively."

This program helps me a lot.  Things I have never learned this program helped me and my kids.  I like the way you take ya’ll time in helping us with this and explaining every little step.  You guys made us understand things.  This program was very helpful.


RAPP numbers through the years

Completed groups

YearEnd of program participant %
satisfaction rating 
Program delivery
2017 - 2018781
2018 - 201914147
2019 – 2020 (until 3/10/2020)17168
2020 – 202112113
2021 – 202212112
2022 – 20231095
2023 - 2024 (as of 4/18/24)770
Rapp Woman and child


roch parent program
Data collected on the RAPP program

RAPP parent satisfaction

YearEnd of program participant %
satisfaction rating 
Program delivery
2018 - 201997%In-person
2019 – 202096%In-person
2020 – 202190%Virtual



RAPP parent change in parental confidence with managing child’s behavior

YearEnd of program participant % improved
parental confidence, skills, and strategies  
Program delivery
2018 - 201989%In-person
2019 – 202091%In-person
2020 – 202193%Virtual



“I kept telling myself that I didn’t need this class, but that wasn’t working because each week I learned something new that either helped me or my kids. Thank you for the program.”

“I found it difficult to deal with my son’s tantrums daily. Being in this class I’ve learned many new and different techniques on how to deal with it personally. The more I softly talk to him he’ll realize he can listen to what I’m saying and eventually do what’s asked of him. Parenting class has taught me how to go about his tantrums completely different and it’s helped both him and I.”

“I loved the comradery of the ladies in the program and the facilitators made the conversations flow seamlessly. I can’t wait until the night sessions. We need more programs like this in support of single mothers.”
“I really love this class. It was very helpful to me and my family.”
“Thank you guys for everything. Y’all are wonderful.”
“I appreciate the program and all the feedback I got from the group! I would do it again.”
“My group leader was very understanding and very helpful with helping finds way to deal with my son.”
“I loved the leaders approach to the class. The role playing, the open, honest communication with all our participants. The class was a great way to learn new techniques but also motivation and good advice from the other parents stemming from conversations, videos, and the role-playing activities. This was overall very insightful and informative.”



If you are part of an organization that is interested in a 12-week RAPP program, please contact:
Linda Murray
Project Coordinator
(585) 295-1000, ext. 252

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